How to Get the Best Deal on Clickfunnels Pricing

Clickfunnels Pricing Review:

How to Save BIG on Clickfunnels

Updated on May 1, 2018 by Sam Hill

Clickfunnels Pricing Details

Clickfunnels basic pricing is $97 per month for the standard package. The Etison Suite advanced package is $297 per month. 


 However you can a better deal than both of these!

The CEO and Founder of Clickfunnels, Russell Brunson has a webinar that replays at the top of every hour (recorded). Every hour, every day. And the best part? It costs you nothing to attend and it is on demand now!
This indeed is a free Clickfunnels pricing masterclass!
Attend this Masterclass so you can learn how to get 6 months of Clickfunnels for free instead of paying almost $3,600.  Click this banner to watch it now:

Clickfunnels FREE for 6 Months (READ CAREFULLY)

In this free Clickfunnels pricing webinar, Russell Brunson offers Clickfunnels for FREE for 12 months and the Etison suite FREE for 6 months. It’s pretty cool. By buying more up front, he gives you a discount on both products over the course of a year.

During the Clickfunnels pricing masterclass, you can also purchase the Etison Suite for $1997 OR $997 instead of paying $3,600 if you followed through with the Etison monthly plan.
In case you’re doing the math, that’s a savings of $1,603 on average!  Boom!  
To see a full explainer from Russell, click the link below and just spend a few minutes watching the free webinar training:

What is Clickfunnels and What Are the Pricing Options?

You may be asking the question “what is click funnels”? (click to see a demo)


Russell Brunson started Clickfunnels several years ago and there are ten thousand and counting coaches, authors, service providers, entrepreneurs, e-commerce companies, and business owners using the Clickfunnels platform to create sales and marketing funnels.
Brunson also has some amazing books out there you can get such as DotCom Secrets and Expert Secrets (I provide a complimentary copy for everyone who joins Clickfunnels using my affiliate links…see more below!) These are books that will help you understand marketing funnels and also competitive marketing tactics to win big in today’s marketplace.
Clickfunnels is the fastest and hassle-free way to create marketing funnels available today.  Clickfunnels has climbed to the top of the online marketing industry by amassing over 10,000 users the last 4 years. If you are looking for a easy yet robust funnel building software tool then Clickfunnels is an absolute no-brainer. It’s also THE place to learn the highest converting marketing strategies available today.
Russell also provides at no cost to you what I think is the #1 free masterclass for all internet marketers available today so that you can learn things like:
-all about what funnels are
-what type of software is best for you
-how to get the best deal and save BIG on Clickfunnels pricing
Go ahead and click the link below to watch the FREE Clickfunnels pricing webinar training…presented by the man himself, Russell Brunson:

***Disclaimer***   .....I Pay A LOT OF MONEY for Clickfunnels!  Should You Do The Same?!

I want you to know that I budget more for Clickfunnels month after month than all other software applications. And guess what? I am THRILLED to give Clickfunnels my money.  Sound crazy?

Clickfunnels makes my business more efficient, profitable, and cutting edge. Heck, Clickfunnels has made my life simpler because I use less energy to run my online business than ever before while generating more output. It gives me more personal time and family time.   
And no, I don’t believe in “silver bullets” and “overnight success.” I believe in systems, processes, and marketing. There are no perfect funnel building tools but I can say from personal experience and application that Clickfunnels is the real deal and changed the game for me. Not just the software itself but also the marketing funnel training.

Sam - What Clickfunnels Pricing Package Do You Use?

I currently operate three businesses using Clickfunnels and my companies spend between $50,000 – $75,000 per month in Facebook ads, software applications, and lots of other techno-babble-type-stuff. 🙂 


However, every single ad, membership portal, and other sales and marketing strategies our companies use are built on and around Clickfunnels.  

My companies all use the Clickfunnels pricing Etison Suite which does include the Actionetics program and Backpack. As our business grew, I needed some additional tools however let me make one thing crystal clear: I went from 0 – $1m on a BASIC STARTER PACKAGE. Yup.  
If you’re still reading this (or watching my videos), you’re probably not a wanna-be. You probably have a real business as a coach, author, service provider, local brick and mortar, online entrepreneur, or someone else.
I can’t encourage you enough to check out the free masterclass that is on demand right now.  It’s the BEST way to get a flavor for Clickfunnels and Russell Brunson but also the best way to save when you sign up.  Register by clicking the button below:

Click Funnels vs. Lead Pages vs. Infusionsoft vs. Mail Chimp (etc. etc. etc. etc.) 

Look it’s no secret that when you decide to scale your business online…it feels like you have multiple technology tools you need to run out and buy. For example. 

Opt-In Provider
You need a way to collect email addresses so you can build a list of interested buyers, right? Some people call this a “squeeze page” or an “opt-in page” or a “landing page.” It’s pretty much all the same thing. You’re simply trying to convert browsers to subscribers. Popular providers are Clickfunnels, Lead Pages, and others.  
Our company uses the Clickfunnels Etison Suite for this function because it allows us to build multi-step funnels (not just a single page), take payments, build membership stores, and much more. Also, the Clickfunnels Etison Suite includes other tools for the pricing. Keep reading below, I also highly recommend checking out the free click funnels pricing webinar (on demand replay) so you can get 6 months FREE:
Email Autoresponder 
Once you collect someone’s email address through an “opt-in”…then, you want a way to catalogue that lead and be able to communicate with them via email. The ideal situation is to communicate with them on “auto pilot” hence the common name “Email Autoresponder.”
This means when someone joins your list, they received automated emails from you immediately and into the future. The best part is when you build out a long email sequence, you only have to build it once!   
BUT…you don’t need it when you use Clickfunnels Etison Suite where you receive Actionetics and Backpack.  
Our company uses the Etison Suite because we get
-landing page/opt-in function
-multi-step marketing funnel functionality
-membership site functionality 
-integrated email system 
In other words, with Clickfunnels Etison Suite pricing you don’t need an opt-in page provider or email autoresponder anymore. The Clickfunnels Etison Suite includes all of that and more. Check it out for yourself by clicking the banner below: 
Affiliate Tracking System 
The other great part about the Clickfunnels Etison Suite pricing is it includes their affiliate system. You may not know what affiliates are yet or have never tried using affiliates, but it’s something you may get to down the road. 
There’s a lot more that could be said about it, but affiliates are when someone refers their list of leads to your products or services (free traffic for you) and then are compensated for it.  
Inside the Clickfunnels Etison Suite you can build and manage your entire affiliate program using Actionetics and Backpack. Yet again, this helps you avoid another 3rd party piece of software that is needed to build and scale your online business. To learn in depth about the Etison Suite, simply set aside a few minutes to check out the on demand webinar hosted by the CEO of Clickfunnels Russell Brunson. Check it out here:
Membership/Course Portals 
You may be someone who already has a membership site/course or perhaps you’re planning to launch a membership site. One of my multi million dollar businesses is in fact a membership portal!
The cool part about Clickfunnels Etison is you can build the entire membership area inside Clickfunnels fully integrated with Actionetics and Backpack. That way your course sales, onboarding, retention, and affiliate program can be completely controlled using the Clickfunnels Etison Suite.  
To check out the Ultimate Clickfunnels Pricing Review and Leadpages Comparison, go to my site
Oh Yeah, What About Getting Paid?  
Bingo! Clickfunnels Etison Suite does in fact integrate with the major payment processors such as Stripe. We have processed millions of dollars through Stripe and Clickfunnels also integrates with other processors as well. To see an up to date list of processors, check out the most complete guide to Clickfunnels Pricing and Leadpages Review at my site

Clickfunnels Etison Suit Comparison Chart


The best part about Clickfunnels Etison Suite including Actionetics and Backpack is that you eliminate the need for several 3rd party software applications:
Landing Page/Opt-In Page (included!)
Multi-Step Funnel Builder (included!)
Split Testing (included!)
Email Autoresponder (included!)
Affiliate Management Program (included!) 
Membership Portal/Course Sites (included!)
Support (included!)
Here’s the thing. I see too many businesses trying to scale online and spend more time messing around with the “tech” than they do actually growing their business.  
Greg McKeown calls it “Essentialism.” Stop dabbling in software applications and start dominating sales and marketing. The Clickfunnels Etison Suite will allow you to get focused on the 1-2 things that help increase revenue by keeping all your technology needs in “one place.”     

How to Save Big on Clickfunnels Pricing -
Funnel Hacks Webinar Pricing Summary!

You purchase the basic Clickfunnels package for $97 per month. Or you can purchase the Clickfunnels Etison Suite (includes Actionetics and Backpack) for $297 per month. There are no long term contracts with either one which is great.  
Now, I’ve been talking this entire blog post about the Clickfunnels pricing webinar (click here to watch the entire masterclass for free on demand). Here’s a quick summary of the offer that Russell Brunson makes at the end of the webinar. 
(this is the part where I “cut to the chase” and give you the backdoor to the actual offer. AKA no B.S. and nothing-but-the-facts).  
On the Funnel Hacks Webinar, you can pay $997 up front and for this you get:
6 months of Etison Suite for FREE
6 months of Clickfunnels standard package
Just so you know the cost savings, here it is. NORMALLY you’d be paying
6 months of Clickfunnels basic package at $97 / m = $582
6 months of Etison Suite package at $297 /m = $1,782
Total: $2,364
As you can see…it’s a HUGE savings to go ahead and take Russell Brunson the CEO of Clickfunnels up on this offer! In total you save $1,367 on Clickfunnels Etison Suite. 

Double Savings Secret By Getting 1 Year of Etison Suite Up Front!


Here’s what I’ve found. Usually when someone tries the Etison Suite…they never go back. Because it’s an epic tool that has everything in one place (funnel building tool, opt-in pages, membership portals, email autoresponder, affiliate management, tech support)…you’re really just going to want to stick with it.  
On the Funnel Hacks webinar offer page (click here to access) after you tell them you want the $997 package explained above, they’re going to hit you with another offer that basically says “hey why not get 12 months of the Etison Suite for $1997?!”  
You need to strongly consider it if you think there’s any chance you may want to continue with the Clickfunnels Etison Suite for the long haul. Here’s why 
1 year of the Clickfunnels Etison Suite is $3,564 in total ($297 per month).  
If you took this offer for $1,997 you would get Clickfunnels basic package, Clickfunnels Etison Suite, Actionetics, and Backpack!
You’d be saving $1,567 on the Etison Suite over the course of a year.  
Here’s another way to look at it. If you only do the $997 package and then decide in 6 months “I want to stay with the Etison Suite!” then you have to pay the second half of a year for Etison. That would be $297 / m for 6 months, that adds up to an additional $1,782. So you would have ended up paying $997 + $1,782 for a total of $2,779.   
So you’d save $1,567 on the Etison Suite by itself if you compared Etison Suite for 12 months vs. the $1997 Etison Suite offer on this link.
And you would be saving $782 on the Etison Suite if you compared the $997 Etison Suite Offer (see above) vs. the $1997 Etison Suite Offer. 

What Are The Next Steps For You?

Depending on how much more information you need, there are two options at this point:
(1) Watch the Full Funnel Hacks Clickfunnels Pricing Webinar:
If you want to understand the above in detail, you can watch the entire webinar on demand. There is a replay happening just a few minutes from now.  
Click this link below:
(2) Go Purchase the Etison Suite at the Promo Price of $997 (Save $1,367!)
*You can also purchase the entire Etison Suite for a year up front at the link above and taking the offer after you input your credit card information.  
Click this link below: 

My Exclusive Clickfunnels Bonus Suite…Totally Free (DO NOT MISS THIS)

Throughout this blog post you’ll see links, buttons, banners, etc. Those are my affiliate links. Yes, Clickfunnels compensates me for promoting their products and services.  

“Wait a minute, this isn’t a completely unbiased review?!” you say.
No, of course not. But hopefully you can tell that I’m a real person, with a real business, who really uses the tools I’m writing about which is why I can recommend them. I wouldn’t have it any other way. If you prefer to get your info from non-practicing review sites done by people who haven’t generated a single dollar as an online business owner, knock yourself out.  
“He’s just doing it for the money!” 
Yes and no. Yes, I like income so I can pursue my dreams with my family. (As a quick aside…I want you to know that I don’t drive a Lamborghini, I don’t live in a “masion”, and I don’t wear goofy suits and try to be something I’m not.
I’m actually just a normal dude who has gotten above average online biz results by doing 3 things.
-Having the right tools
-Learning how to market
-And taking massive action 

So yes the affiliate income is great. But you know what’s even better? YOU HITTING YOUR GOALS.   

Just a few years ago I was literally sleeping in airports missing my son’s school functions.   
I had control of my income, but did not have control of my life or business.  
I was literally “one funnel away” from my life completely changing.
My PASSION is to help business owners, aspiring business owners, coaches, authors, entrepreneurs, wanna-be-preneurs, service providers…hit their goals.  
I’ve found that most think they are much farther away from getting traction than they really are. It’s a beautiful thing that my passion and ability to earn income align.  
DON’T MISS THIS: if you use my affiliate links…it costs you ZERO. Nada. Zilch. Absolutely nothing. Clickfunnels pays me directly.
AND….you wanna know the best part? As a big “thank you” from me to you when you sign up for Clickfunnels using my affiliate link, I give you access to my free bonus suite. Check it out:

How To Make Sure You Get Access To My Bonus Suite

#1 – Clear your cookies and cache from your web browser prior to clicking on my affiliate links in this post. Then proceed to click through.
#2 – Email me at ‘emailsamhill’ at gmail dot com and request your bonuses.
It’s as simple as that. And yes, I do check my email personally and provide attention to my members!

What in the Sam Hill?! How Clickfunnels Helped Me Go from Zero to $1m in 10 Months (and then to $2.5m+ and Growing!)

Here’s the deal. I’m sharing all this information to you as an actual practitioner. I’m not some internet marketer in my pajamas at home talking theory. After graduating from the University of Georgia, I found myself in outside corporate sales. I was traveling the country in a suite and tie selling in the automotive industry. I love sales and marketing and in this position I rose as a top producer earning multiple six figures per year.  

I was not “free.” And I definitely wasn’t happy! I had no control over my time or satisfaction.  
stumbled on Clickfunnels at the recommendation of a friend.  
Check out the video below for a short 2-minute video tour of my Clickfunnels back office and hear more about my story with Clickfunnels.

Click the link below to hop on the webinar replay RIGHT NOW

Or….skip down this post some where I “cut to the chase” on the $$$$’s and ROI (oh, and I offer a free bonus suite I put together for you that costs you ….nothing.  Watch the on demand training here:

What Are Clickfunnels and Why Should You Register for this Free Masterclass?

Advanced Q&A: Actionetics

Inside the Clickfunnels Actionetics Suite, you can do some cool things like:

-import your entire existing list into Actionetics  
-email broadcasting
-advanced email auto responder capabilities
-score leads
-segment your email list
-contact profiles can have unique social profile
-text message auto responder capabilities 
-and more 
The Etison Suite can function not only as a marketing funnel tool but also as a full CRM for you! It is complete with drag and drop email editing capabilities, marketing automation sequences, and building your subscriber list within Actionetics. 
Want to see for yourself?  
Start a free 14 day Etison Suite trial! No joke! Click here

Advanced Q & A: Backpack

For online businesses, sometimes running affiliate promotions can pay off big time. Even if you don’t have an affiliate program now, it’s something you need to consider for the future.   

Whether you are a service provider, e-commerce biz, coach, or you sell an online information product…an affiliate promotion is where other marketers and businesses send traffic to your offer.  
The cool part for you is you get “free” traffic and it’s also very quick. Instead of you growing your list through paid advertising, waiting for your list to grow so you can run a bigger promotion…instead through an affiliate promotion you get your offer “blasted” to their lists to make quick sales.  
You can do that entire promotion using Clickfunnels Etison Suite Backpack. Using the Backpack functionality within Etison allows you to incentivize your affiliates with commissions. There is a dashboard for you and your affiliates. Affiliates can track their sales and you can even run multiple tier commissions.  
Backpack allows you to track things like 
-pay by CPA
-pay by %
In addition you can have unlimited number of affiliates and can fully customize the affiliate area for your brand.  

Free Trial Summary

If you’re looking for a free trial of Clickfunnels to see how things go and then decide from there if you want to…good news. You can have a 14 day free trial of Clickfunnels pricing by going here: click this link!   
You can try the basic Clickfunnels $97 / m package for free up to 14 days. You can also try the Etison Suite $297 / m package for free up to 14 days.  

Want To Get Paid to Promote Clickfunnels? It’s a No-Brainer

Many serious business people who go “all in” on Clickfunnels and sign up for the Etison Suite using the exclusive Funnel Hacks offer stick with it for the long haul.  

I don’t say this from theory, I say this because I’ve had nearly 100 people join Clickfunnels using my direct referrals in some shape or fashion in the last year and the trial “stick rate” is almost 100%. If I included my business partner we’re at nearly 400 people who have tried Clickfunnels using our direct links.
Why do people stick? The reason I have the last few years and built all my companies on Clickfunnels Etison: you have everything in one place.  
When you sign up for Clickfunnels using my affiliate links, I give you access to the 100 Day Affiliate Marketing Bootcamp. This is what I started doing myself and I’ve seen the monthly revenue grow consistently.  
The best parts about the Clickfunnels affiliate program in my opinion are three:
Recurring Commissions
You get recurring monthly commissions for the software tool. There’s nothing better than stacking that recurring revenue month after month and watching it grow. This is in addition to the one-time product sales that Clickfunnels also pays commissions on. 
Clickfunnels Does ALL THE WORK!
I am humbled every day because when I refer someone to Clickfunnels…the best marketer alive today (Russell Brunson) does all the work to convert people to customers. Even if someone starts out as a free trial…the minute they start I get the entire Clickfunnels company working on my behalf to convert that prospect to a customer. How cool is that?  
Dream Car
Yes. This is the most hokey thing you will read on any of my sites. Clickfunnels will actually pay for a car for reaching certain affiliate goals. It’s the real deal. Check out the affiliate program by clicking here:

How to Start a Clickfunnels Pricing FREE 14 Day Trial

If you’re looking for a free trial of Clickfunnels to see how things go and then decide from there if you want to…good news. You can have a 14 day free trial of Clickfunnels pricing by going here: click this link!   
You can try the basic Clickfunnels $97 / m package for free up to 14 days. You can also try the Etison Suite $297 / m package for free up to 14 days. 

Clickfunnels FREE Pricing Webinar Replay Link

I don’t know how long they will keep this offer up because it’s such a massive savings. Here is exclusive access for the webinar so you can log on ASAP (click the link below): 

3 Clickfunnels Pricing Options…Which Makes The Most Sense For You Right Now?

If you want to save big money on the Clickfunnels cost, you have a three options.
Option 1: Attend the TOTALLY FREE Clickfunnels Masterclass 
(Replay on Demand NOW! Click the button below).
Option 2: Keep Reading Because I’m About to “Cut To the Chase!”
Below, I “cut to the chase” and provide an exclusive summary of the entire Clickfunnels pricing masterclass. If you want to skip the webinar completely and just get to the brass tacts of the best way to save money when you sign up for Clickfunnels…keep reading! 
Option 3: Start a Clickfunnels Trial…for Free
Maybe you want to “test drive” Clickfunnels prior to making the commitment. What are you waiting for? You can utilize a FREE 14 Day Clickfunnels trial with zero risk. You can watch demos, tutorials, and even build and launch a funnel. If you’re even considering Clickfunnels, this is an absolute no-brainer and the “no excuses” way to see if Clickfunnels is right for your business. Click the button below:

Terms and Conditions: There are various products and services available to Users, and monthly prices applicable to such products and services. ClickFunnels’ products, services, and prices are posted, and are subject to change without notice. Price changes are effective on the first day of the month after the price change is posted, By clicking “I Agree” and providing ClickFunnels Your credit card information You authorize ClickFunnels to charge Your credit card in the amount indicated for the value of the services You select, including any future price changes. By Your continued use of ClickFunnels services, and unless You terminate this agreement as provided herein, You agree that ClickFunnels may charge Your credit card monthly for the products and services You have selected, and You consent to any price changes for such services. Find Extended Terms and Conditions Here