ClickFunnels Pricing Update

-Updated April 4, 2018

Is Click Funnels Worth The Investment?

Here is an update about how my business has grown after choosing the Click Funnels Pricing Plan that was best for me!

-Updated February 11, 2019

Is Click Funnels Worth The Investment?

Here is an update about how my business has grown after choosing the Click Funnels Pricing Plan that was best for me!

OK, you may be evaluating ClickFunnels pricing because you are a business owner and realize that “websites are dead” and you’re looking for a way to use ClickFunnels to capture more leads so you can make more sales.  Or you are thinking about starting a new business and eager to generate sales through marketing funnels. Perhaps you’re a solopreneur and looking for a way to “work smarter” and not “harder” in today’s competitive digital environment

Can I share an update on my own experience with ClickFunnels pricing? (see the full video update below!)  Approximately 14 months ago, I became a ClickFunnels customer and chose the Click Funnels Pricing Starter Plan at $97 per month).  

Russell Brunson, the Founder of ClickFunnels always says “you’re one funnel away” from changing your business, your life, and your income. It was true for me!  
Here’s a screenshot from my Stripe account (Stripe is a payment processor). Stripe integrates seamlessly with ClickFunnels. When a customer makes a payment on a Click Funnels order form, Stripe processes the payment and sends it to my bank account…pretty sweet. I’m not tech savvy and I set it up in a matter of minutes using the tutorials Click Funnels provides you.

I’ve processed over $1.9m through my Click Funnels account and will cross over the $2m mark in the next few months! In addition, I was inducted into the ClickFunnels Two Comma Club and joined their Inner Circle Coaching Program

Now here’s the deal, before I started with ClickFunnels, I thought I understand sales and marketing (I didn’t!). I thought I understood “Return On Investment” (I didn’t!).  I want to give you three reasons from my experience why ClickFunnels pricing is worth the investment.

1. Obviously, ClickFunnels is the easiest funnel tool on the market where you can actually build funnels within minutes. Also, they have funnel templates included in your Click Funnels pricing for businesses like: physical products (e-commerce), service, coaching, network marketing, and more. I have no web programming experience, no “coding” experience, and have never built a website before. I am NOT tech savvy. Trust me: if I can build a funnel, you can build a funnel!!! This page you’re reading was built on ClickFunnels in a matter of minutes. 

 CLICK HERE to start your own ClickFunnels free trial or you can also go to and review our in depth guide on everything Clickfunnels pricing related!

2. ClickFunnels has incredible training and support. It’s one thing to have the best “sword” in the market…but if you don’t know how to sword fight then it won’t do you any good! Too many business people and “wanna-preneurs” have TOOLS they don’t know how to use to generate REVENUE. (Tools don’t get you paid, revenue does!). Included in your Click funnels pricing are things like: chat support (right there for you as you are working on your funnel!), “games” to help you learn how to use ClickFunnels, tutorials that are easy to follow, webinars for additional training, and more. Click Funnels over delivers to help you use the tool and get results for your business. 

3. Thirdly and maybe most importantly, included in your Click Funnels pricing is the ClickFunnels community. They have free support groups where you can connect with other entrepreneurs. ClickFunnels offers other products and coaching programs (additional fees may apply) available to you. I’m telling you that what I’ve learned through ClickFunnels in the last year has changed my entire business (and life!). I now understand through my experiences with Clickfunnels truly how a marketing funnel works and the result for me has been a dramatic increase in conversions and revenue.

ClickFunnels Pricing
Video Update (One Year Later)


Straight talk about ClickFunnels.
In this video I cover my own experience with Click Funnels Pricing Options. You will learn how ClickFunnels is much more than a software tool! I started my business with profitable revenue on day 1 because ClickFunnels taught me what a marketing funnel REALLY is (and how websites are “dead”)

Tour my office (bought with revenue earned through ClickFunnels!)
Sure, it’s not Amazon’s headquarters. But I was working a corporate sales job prior to this and dreamed of owning my own business. Due to the revenue earned using Click Funnels, I was able to start a company from scratch and generate revenue from day 1 (profitably).

I want to invite you to take a long look at my ClickFunnels Pricing guide (CLICK HERE) and decide for yourself if it’s worth the investment. I look back now and can’t believe that with a $97 ClickFunnels pricing starter investment I built a marketing funnel that has generated over a million dollars of revenue (in one year). Go to to review our in depth guide on how to save BIG on Clickfunnels!

ClickFunnels Pricing Update...April 10, 2018
Watch the Video Below And See...

  • My Favorite Funnel (The One That Generated $2.5m In Biz!): In this video I share with you my favorite funnel that we’ve used the last two years to build a multiple seven figure business! The coolest part is that the same template is available to you at the Clickfunnels pricing basic package price of $97 / m.
  • My Own Journey…Updated!: It’s been a while since I posted about my Clickfunnels experience and where it has taken me today. In this video I give you a quick run down of how my business has grown, current revenue, and the impact Clickfunnels has made.
  • Additional Revenue Streams: A new source of revenue has begun inside my Clickfunnels account and I’m really excited about it. In this video I give you sneak peak of what’s going on!
  • FREE Bonus Suite: If you haven’t heard, I’m offering a free bonus suite to anyone who starts a Clickfunnels account using my affiliate link. Now the cool part is that this costs you absolutely nothing! Clickfunnels pays me a commission directly when you sign up using my link and I make my bonus suite available just to say “thanks.” In this video I give you a run down of the bonuses that are included (hint: free books, unlimited email support, 23 pre-built funnels…and more.
  • The Ultimate Clickfunnels Pricing Guide: if you’re looking for one of the largest Clickfunnels pricing reviews on the market, go to to see a detailed review of Clickfunnels cost and how you can get the best deal.

Are You One Funnel Away?

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